Controlled spectrum light therapy, or CSL, is a new generation of non--invasive light therapy to rejuvenate and enhance the beauty of your skin. CSL tightens sagging skin, builds collagen -- and also diminishes wrinkles, facial redness, sun damage, age spots, and hyper-pigmentation. It can even remove unwanted hair.

CSL is based on the synergistic combination of three highly advanced light technologies: medically tuned light emitting diodes (LEDs), highly energized fluorescent light (HEFL), and infrared skin tightening light (ST). Unlike spa treatments and treatments offered in other non-medical settings, these truly are medical treatments: each of these light-based technologies is FDA cleared and is backed by tremendous amounts of scientific data and clinical use. Unlike a face-lift, however, CSL is completely non-invasive and involves no “down-time.”



Before and After CSL Treaments
Photos courtesy of instrument manufacturer. Results can vary with individual skin condition and response.


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